Festival Event Catering

We serve our food from 6m frontage x 6m popup marquees, all with our unique hand built serving counters which have been made from reclaimed materials for that vintage look.

We can turn high volume food out every day of a festival with out comprising food presentation, and have well stocked supplies that last for the whole festival.

We are members of NCASS and all festival units run to current legislation that Mobile Caterers should adhered to.

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Production Stats

• x3 Kebab Machines holding 60kg each which is 600 covers, so 1800 covers a day if needed with ease.
• All Shawarmas are made fresh on-site and meat skewers can be changed easily so product never runs out.
• We have 5 serving staff and x3 grill chefs at bigger festivals.
• It takes under a minute to serve 1 portion, so we can do 300 portions per hour no problem.

Download some images of the festivals we do here

Our Festival Units 6m Frontage


Our Street food Units