What we offer

The Kebab Cartel believes in being different we pride ourselves on being a fair-thinking business that makes considered decisions about how to do business with minimum impact on the environment and wider community. Our policies include supporting small-scale British farmers and producers as much as possible. We strive to provide a fresh approach to our food in order to give you a more authentic and traditional eating experience. Red Tractor products ensures the food we buy is traceable, safe to eat and has been produced responsibly – from farms to fork!


Lamb, Chicken or Beef Shawarmas

Lamb, Chicken and Beef Shawarmas are the Arabic take on the ‘sandwich’. Shawarmas started of as a common type of street food along with falafel. Serving them was particularly easy for the vendor due the meat being on a spit and Middle Eastern bread being used to wrap the meat up. We make our Shawarma with locally sourced meat 100% British Lamb Leg, Cornfed Organic Chicken thighs & fillets and the Beef is aged for 28 days+ which intensifies the flavour, making our food as fresh and healthy as we possible can.